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During its existence, the organization has participated in a number of projects, the most serious of which are:

1. Pipeline system " Eastern Siberia-Pacific ocean "section of NPS" Skovorodino "NNP" Kozmino " (ESPO-II)

2. "Baltic pipeline system (BTS-2), Bryansk, Smolensk, Tver, Novgorod, Leningrad regions. WES" ("BTS-II, WES»)

3. The linear part of the Du700 oil pipeline on the Tikhoretsk-Tuapse 2 section (km0-km99, to the Laba river);

4. "System MG Bovanenkovo-Ukhta" Performance of complex of works on creation of Gro of the accompanying objects of a site " Linear part, the 1st thread;

5. "MG Efremov-Shchekino". Implementation of CII for the design of the object as part of the construction " technical re-Installation of gas pipelines SCC»

6. System MG "Ukhta-Torzhok" II thread (Yamal) " work on the collection of initial data for the development of the VOC section of the object.

7. Performing complex surveying work on the rights of OAO Gazprom for land for the construction "Modernization of RCC gas pipelines in the area Elec - Schekino"

8. "Reconstruction of technological communication along the SAC gas pipeline. The Station Voskresensk – Algasovo".

9. "Expansion of the ESG for gas supply to the South stream gas pipeline the Western section of the Pisarevka-KS Russian gas pipeline. Km0-45, km297-km410»


At present "GeologInjiniring" LLC takes part in carrying out engineering surveys on the object:

1. "Expansion of the ESG for gas supply to the South stream gas pipeline Eastern section of the Pochinki - GKS gas pipeline Russian., km952-km1225 Rostov region".

2. "The pipeline of the COP Izobilny-Nevinnomyssk»

3. "The gas pipeline-branch and GDS Olonets of Olonetsky district of the Republic of Karelia»





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