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The company "GeologInjiniring" LLC created by a group of professionals to perform work on complex engineering surveys for objects of civil and industrial projects of any complexity.

The basis of the company are survey divisions.

The priority direction of the company's efforts was defined by the management as participation in long-term Federal projects that allow the most fully realize the intellectual potential of employees and declare themselves as a stable, highly reliable partner.

"GeologInjiniring" LLC  is a co-founder of LLC "Geocenter Moscow state University", created at the Geological faculty of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov.

The organization constantly upgrades the Park of special equipment and computer equipment, uses only licensed software, all scientific and technical products are processed only in electronic form.

The requirements to the quality of products have led to the need to introduce a quality management System (ISO 9001:2001) at the enterprise with the confirmation of this by the corresponding certificate of conformity No. VTS.TP.CM.00455-11.

The organization has:

Certificate of admission to a certain type or types of work that affect the safety of capital construction facilities, including particularly dangerous and technically complex capital construction facilities (except for nuclear energy use facilities): No. 01-I-No. 0476-4 of 12.03.2013

Licenses for implementation:

 works related to the use of information constituting a state secret GT number 0034637 from 16.09.2010;

 Cartographic activity No. 50-00053K of 17.05.2011;

 Geodesic activity No. 1-0762G. 20

 Activities in the field of Hydrometeorology and related fields No. R/2012/2051/100/L from" 22 " may 2012.


In addition, "GeologInjiniring" LLC  is certified in the Transneft voluntary Certification System and allowed to work at the facilities of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation – Act of 29.11.2012.;

it is accredited in subsidiaries of JSC " NK "Rosneft" - JSC "Kuibyshev refinery", JSC "NovoKuibyshev refinery", LLC " NK "Rosneft" - STC", LLC "SamaraNIPIneft".

The organization has a service contract in a certified engineering-geological soil laboratory.

The main task of the organization was and remains to fulfill its obligations in the terms stipulated by the contracts and with consistently high quality. It is in this direction that the constant purposeful activity of management is conducted. The quality control system is being improved.

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